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Sushi : $5.95 Sashimi (3pcs) : $13.95

Kappa maki

Cucumber roll (6pcs)

Makimono special

Choose 3 roll : salmon roll, tuna roll, yellowtail scallion roll, superwhite roll, smoked salmon roll, red snapper, or albacore

Jalapeno popper

Spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeno, deep fried, topped with spicy mayo, green onion, and masago, seeds


Salted boiled soy bean (spicy szechuan +1)

Mississippi roll (6pcs)

Spicy tuna. cream cheese, bbq eel, avocado, deep fried, eel sauce, sp mayo, fish flakes, sesame seed

Beef teriyaki bento box

Grilled beef over teriyaki sauce, gyoza, steam rice house salad and house fruit, miso soup

Hibachi teriyaki chiken

All dinner entree served with soup, salad, fried rice or noodle, and habachi vegetable

Sushi sashimi combination

Chef choice 7 sushi and 10 sashimi with roll


Sushi : $5.95 Sashimi (3pcs) : $12.45

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